3 Website Design Trends To Avoid In 2020

There are over 1.5 billion websites floating around the internet, and the majority are committing design crimes with impunity. In this blog, we’ve gathered three web design trends of 2020 that everyday users of everyday websites find most annoying.

One-page websites / Infinite scrolling

One page websites with parallax effect seem like an excellent idea on the surface — they are visually interesting and provide an interactive UX. But in reality, the endless scrolling can be hugely frustrating for users who want to reach the links at the bottom of the page or go back to the top. Plus, one-page sites aren’t exactly SEO-friendly as they make it hard to target multiple keywords. So, unless you have minimal content on your website, it’s better to divide your content into separate pages for better usability and increased optimization.

Sliders in headers

The trend of including a slider on the header should just retire already. These auto-forwarding image carousels are a disaster for a site’s UX — they’re distracting, they’re confusing, and they slow down the website. The best practice is to use text-only hero images with one or two clear calls to action on your header that offer a concise value proposition about your company.


Now, this isn’t in itself a ‘web design trend’ — we’re pretty sure that nobody sets out with the intention to create a cluttered website — but it can be caused by trying out too many things at once (3D elements, gradients, shadows, etc.) You can declutter your website by using a flat design with clean, bright colors, prioritizing white space to let your content breathe, and ensuring there aren’t any busy elements on your site that visitors may find overwhelming.

There you have it — three web design trends of 2020 which, by and large, are best avoided.


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